We are healthcare organisation in Malaysia
LSY MedTech is a one of a kind healthcare organisation in Malaysia that leverages the use of cutting edge advanced high tech medical technologies including diagnostics, medical devices and digital health, for their health screening and services.
Why Us?
High Tech Executive Health Screening Solution(Flexible On Site and Mobile Screening)
  • Flexible mobile screening anywhere
  • First to market – no company in the market is able to provide such wide range of mobile screening like ours
  • Uses MDA approved medical technologies
  • Our cutting edge high tech executive health screening devices combined with our partnership with our IT Solutions Integration Provider Altus Solutions Sdn Bhd provides the best possible seamless solution that caters for on site and mobile screening
  • Early detection saves life
  • Time saving
  • Cost effective
How common are Chronic Disease in Malaysia?
  • Chronic disease, aka non communicable diseases, are very common.
  • They are the leading causes of disability and death in Malaysia.
  • According to Global Burden of Disease Study, in 2019, 8 of the top 10 cause of death in Malaysia were due to Chronic diseases.
  • And of the risk factors contributing to these chronic diseases, 7 are among the top 10 in Malaysia.
  • We urgently need to reduce the burden of Chronic Diseases.
  • The first step is to screen those with problems to address this
  • Advances in point of care diagnostic and digital health technologies have enabled low-cost community screening of scale.

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